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Create a practice that is uniquely yours right in your own home. Whether you have been on a yoga mat 1000 times or never, you belong here. Our classes cater to all.

Click on the video to meet the Owner, Marisa Sweeney RDN RYT, and join her for a sample class.

Our Classes

Mind Body Movement. Anywhere. Anytime.
Slow Flows to Power Flows
Strengthen. Stretch. Align.
A slow and meditative practice targeting your deep connective tissue.
Series and workshops so you can dive deeper into your practice.
Yoga practice for mothers, mothers-to-be, and caretakers of all kinds.

Our Instructors

Meet the superstar LOHO team of certified yoga instructors.
  • Amanda's classes focus on actions and alignment that build strength and stability, increase range of motion, and progress sequentially throughout the class and over time.
  • Shauna's classes will take you on a personal journey to discover your inner strength and power all while relaxing your body into ultimate bliss through breath work and movement!
  • John's classes are based on an inspiring theme that is woven through the instructions enabling and empowering students to be their best, to be as he likes to say, In Joy.
  • Beth has been a yoga instructor since 2010 and specializes in prenatal and postnatal specialty classes.
  • In Tisha's classes, you can expect the application of functional movement to yoga asana, to be challenged by new movement patterns, as well as, comforted by familiar yoga asana repetition.
  • Cindy hopes that her classes provide others the opportunity to discover the transformative power of the breath and find freedom and healing by integrating body, mind, and spirit.
  • Tessa loves learning all she can about yoga and bringing all of her knowledge to her classes in a fun and dynamic way.
  • Marisa hopes to teach and practice yoga for the rest of her life. Her classes are open to everyone of all abilities and levels.
About Our Yoga Training

Become a Certified Yoga Teacher

Its your time. Take the journey with us from wherever you are.