John Levis

Yoga Instructor

John took his first yoga class in December 1999. He began integrating yoga into his weight lifting routine and within a year decided to give up the weights for a full time yoga practice. He found yoga to be a better workout while being much more forgiving on the body. His practice enabled him to cure his chronic back pain and even grow an inch taller at the age of 30!

The benefit for the spine was remarkable. He completed his first yoga teacher training in 2003 with Todd Norian as well as completing his Thai Yoga Bodywork training in 2005 with Jonas Westring. In 2009 he became a Certified Anusara Yoga Instructor, an alignment based yoga practice rooted in a Tantric philosophy of intrinsic goodness.

His classes are based on an inspiring theme that is woven through the instructions enabling and empowering students to be their best, to be as he likes to say In Joy. His knowledge of alignment has enabled him to keep his spine healthy as well as help his students remedy past injuries and chronic pain. He sees yoga as a therapeutic art that can help alleviate many causes of discomfort and pain in the body in order to cultivate many more decades of vibrant movement.

John is also a Massage Therapist, an outdoor enthusiast and was an Outdoor School guide for REI. He has background in hiking, mountain biking, SUP, kayaking. He has an overall love for physical endurance and the spiritual experience that being in Nature provides. John is also a Certified Sommelier and hosts the occasional Yoga + Wine events.

Classes by John Levis

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